Monday, June 29, 2009

Four girls... whew!

My four girls hanging out on my bed. Right now four seems like so many... Crazy crazy household now!

For example... yesterday morning (Sunday) I dragged out of bed at 7 after 3 hours of sleep. Phoebe was hungry again. Olivia stopped me and said, "Mommy, you need to make me breakfast. I'm hungry. How about pancakes?" Zenna tugged at me and said, "Mommy, could you help me? I lost my blankie." (Yes, she said that whole phrase... she's quite the talker!) After I got breakfast ready (toast and bananas, no pancakes today!), I went to wake up Abigail. She growled at me and told me it was too hard, she couldn't wake up today. Then I had to get them all ready for church. I was not up to going yet, but Mum and Papa Haws took them (daddy was playing the organ). We made it! After they left, I laid down to nurse the baby, and slept for 3 hours! I was so grateful for a nap! Wow!

I thought it was hard to have one baby. Motherhood is tough.

I thought it was hard to have two babies (15 months apart). That was busy.

I thought it was hard to have three little ones. I still got a nap every day.

It is hard to have four... for the first time, I don't have the chance to nap with my baby. I am exhausted by 8 every night. When the kids go to bed, I am ready to crash!!!

All that said, I love it! We are still adjusting, and thankfully Joe is taking care of the dishes every day. Pretty soon though we'll be in a good groove. Life is good. We love being in the four girl club! We are now one of three families in the ward with four girls. One family came over just the other day to "welcome us into the four girl club." They are great.

She's Here!

June 15, 2009 Phoebe Elise Haws was born at home. She was born at 10:53 after a pretty quick and uneventful labor. Only 5 hours of uncomfortable labor, and 1-2 hours of hard labor. She was 9 lbs. even, and was 21 inches long. She is beautiful!! I finally have a way to transfer my pictures to the computer, so here they are!

Laboring at home... the best thing ever!
Being weighed by the Midwife.
One day old. Sporting her homemade cloth diaper.
What a face! She looks an awful lot like her sisters...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Asparagus Harvester

I don't have any of my own pictures to post, but there are lots of pictures included in this article written in the local paper.

It has a lot of good information in case you want to know what the harvester is all about, and what they are doing this year. After so much work, it is great that the harvest is almost over! This is the last week!!!