Friday, August 13, 2010

Dirty Little Secrets

Since I have been feeling pretty rotten lately (like for the last 8 months or so...) my sweet MIL has been helping my clean house a bit. We have also hired a girl from the neighborhood to help a few hours a week. Very nice. But, it means that some of those little secrets that have been lurking at the back of my cupboards have come to light. In the effort to "be real," I will share a few with you. If I am the only person in the universe with such secrets in my house, please just avert your eyes and feel sorry for me. If not, Share yours! It's very liberating. :)
  • There was an old deep fat fryer that I forgot to clean out the last time I used it... 4 years ago. I had just been avoiding looking straight at it during the last 2 moves.
  • I had coupons that expired two years ago in my junk drawer. In fact, I don't think I've used that drawer for two years, because everything in that drawer was at least two years old... wedding announcements, coupons, bank statements... I forgot that my cousin was married! Oops.
  • I haven't scrubbed behind the toilet since... sigh... I was pregnant with Phoebe. In my defense... little girls don't make nearly as big a mess around the base of the toilet as little boys. I had to clean up after my little brothers for years. EW!
I feel better now. Especially because we are slowly tackling all my dirty secrets. Pretty soon I'll have no more. Except all those quirks about my kids. Like Phoebe digs through trash regularly looking for snacks. The lid broke on our kitchen garbage, and it doesn't fit under the sink. I am always pulling her away from the can. Or that Zenna just came to me completely naked and asked if I could put her socks on. Her feet need to be covered. Or the fact that half of the days Zenna spends all day in her jammies. I try really hard to get her dressed before daddy comes home, but some days we don't even make it there.

So now you know. More than you ever wanted to. I am just hoping that I am not alone in living on the very edge of sanity. But even if I am, I feel better confessing. :)