Monday, December 14, 2009

Goodbye again... for now.

I just said goodbye to some very dear friends. The angel Agnes Wickfield and her dear friend David. As well as the Micawbers. And poor little Emily. We have been together for the past 2 weeks, and it is sad to see them go, but I know they are not really gone. They are just waiting for me to pick up the book off the shelf and visit them again. In fact, I have visited them so many times, I can call their words to mind almost anytime.

Only Charles Dickens does this for me.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


This is a story that doesn't include pictures. Sorry. I still need to post about Abigail's birthday, and the Christmas decor, and all those things. But I am putting it off to tell you a story, that will tell you a lot about my life lately.

Yesterday at 4:30 I showered to get ready for the evening. I curled my hair, and carefully chose my outfit. A sweater and blouse with khaki pants. This evening was special. The regular option of pink lounge pants, or black yoga pants was out of the questions. I put on my sparkly earrings (the really expensive ones the DH gave me for Christmas last year). While putting my make-up on, I decided that tonight was the night for Strike-a-pose Rose. I have been hoarding my last Mary Kay sample of my favorite shade for a special occasion. This was it! I was pleased with the results, with only a very small sigh for my pre-baby body. Then, I remembered that I forgot to brush my teeth! Dilemma! I had NO MORE lipstick... So, I grabbed a stick of gum.

Then we went to the Ward Christmas Party. I delivered my ham and Mormon Potatoes (I heard a rumor that those have made it into a recent Jewish Cookbook, under that name...) We got all the kids in a pic with Santa, and ate our ham and potatoes and green salad and rolls with much relish. At least I did, and it was great to see the kids polish of their dinner, and realize how many dishes I didn't have to do as a result!

Then came the program! I found out when I got there that they needed me to lead the entire group in Christmas carols. Did that, and then Joe and I sang the closing number, Silent Night. We sang a Capella, and there was one part I always messed up. I hit that square! But, of course, unintentionally rewrote two measures in the third verse. Overall, it went well though. I think it was the lip stick.

We came home, got the kids in bed, and I had to go to the grocery store. Then came home to watch It's a Wonderful Life while I embroidered for Christmas. But, I couldn't even see straight after the store, so we just snuggled up to watch a movie (the first movie night in 2 weeks!)

The End.

Well, until this morning. When I told the girls that we have a baby-sitter coming tonight, they misunderstood. They thought I said we have a baby sister coming tonight. I had to stop their joyful prancing and correct them. Heaven help me! I love babies, but if I had a baby tonight, I think I would have a mental breakdown!