Friday, July 17, 2009

We LOVE the Mall!

Sorry, there are no pictures for this post, but I had to write it down. First of all, I want to thank my mother for not allowing me to "hang out" at the mall when I was in Junior High. I would now be very embarrassed. There was a group of "very cool" junior high kids at the table next to us in the food court last night, and I was embarrassed for them.

Last night, Joe took all of us girls to the mall. When I told the girls that daddy was taking us out, Olivia jumped up and down and said, "Oh! Oh! Oh! I LOVE daddy!" They were all very excited. While I went shopping for some new shirts, Joe took the girls to the play area. They love it there, and even Zenna was running around and playing. It was very cute, because Abigail was keeping track of her sisters very closely. When we switched off, and Joe went to look for shoes, Zenna ran off. I was nursing the baby (of course!) and took a few minutes to get up to chase her. Abigail and Olivia were right with me. She was headed for Penney's when we found her. On the way back to the play area, Abigail took one of Zenna's hands and Olivia took the other. They kept telling her, "Don't ever run away again! You can't leave! You have to stay where mommy can see you! Don't ever run away!" It was so funny to see them give the lecture they've heard, we won't say how many times. :)

The last time we all went to the mall was pretty funny too. When we pulled up, Zenna was very excited. She kept shouting, "A twinkow! A twinkow!" We didn't know what she was talking about until we looked up at the building. We usually park by Macy's and she was looking at the star in their logo. When we got out of the car, she was singing "twinkle twinkle little star."

When we got to the food court, a local elementary school marimba band was performing. At first both Abigail and Olivia covered their ears. After they grew accustomed to the noise, they started recognizing some tunes. After a while Abigail turned to Joe and said, "Dad, this sounds kind of like music!" We had to agree. It did sound kind of like music. Not exactly, but kind of. :)

Then we went to Old Navy. While Joe was trying on jeans, us girls were waiting outside the fitting rooms. There was a large display of flip-flops that was pretty picked over. When I turned to find Olivia, she was going through the display, straightening everything out. She put all the flip flops back into neat little rows. I am sure the staff was grateful.

Maybe we are off to a bad start... with four girls who already love the mall... What's a girl to do?