Friday, May 21, 2010

We took a peek!

After much pondering, and going crazy trying to guess what this baby will be, I decided to get an ultrasound.

The first thing the ultrasound tech found was this baby's goods. Not very modest, I must say. He asked what we have at home. I told him 4 girls. He just started laughing. "Looks like you can just make that 5!" I couldn't believe it. Well, I could, but seriously?

Joe is such a great dad. He just said, "Hey, I love all of our little girls! I'm excited to have more love!" He really enjoys being king of his castle, with all of us girls hovering and loving him all the time.

I must say though, that I am starting to feel panicked like the old time queens feeling frantic about producing an heir. I am trained in biology, and that should set me mind at ease. IT'S NOT MY FAULT! but, I still have vague strange feelings about producing an heir nonetheless.

It's the Haws Curse. Joe's Haws grandparents have about a million grandchildren. Well, only like 65 I think. Of those, I think that there are 7 boys who carry the Haws name. Of those 7 boys, there are 13 great grandchildren so far, and only 3 boys to carry on the Haws name. Two of those 7 grandsons will probably not have children, and three have only had girls so far! (If any of the cousins are reading this, correct me if I'm wrong... it's a lot for an in-law to keep track of!) We just laugh about that.

5 girls. In 6 years. GO ME!

Good heavens!