Friday, February 4, 2011

Going to the Library

Also known as:  I believe I deserve a medal.

Joe teaches piano lessons every Saturday afternoon, and I thought I'd take the chance to drop him off, then take the girls to the library since it is only minutes away from his lesson.  I really wanted to get Square Foot Gardening.  We were running a bit late, so it was 4:45 when we got to the library.

I thought that I had remembered that it was open until 8 or 9.  Wrong.  It is open until 5.  But, we still have a few minutes.  I just needed Square Foot Gardening.

Since we were running late, I didn't have time to fiddle with my stroller, and I couldn't get it to collapse far enough to fit in the back of the van.  I had to put Sophie in the sling, and let everyone else walk.  Which means I was carrying Phoebe and Sophie, and herding the other three like cattle into the library. 

As soon as we got into the library, the announcement came that the library is closing in 10 minutes.  "Please bring all your items to the desk in order to check them out."  Hm.  I just need Square Foot Gardening.  I've got time. 

In order to get to the garden section, we have to walk past the kids section, and everyone wants to pick a book or 5 or 12.  I agree 2 books per child, subject to my approval. (I've seen strange ones like "When Daddy was in Prison" or "My Two Mommies" GIVE ME A BREAK!!!) Of course they each take an hour or so to decide on a book.  I finally gather my herd and head to the garden section.  I just need Square Foot Gardening.  That's what I came for.

Then I catch a whiff.  Someone in my arms stinks.  Bad.  They both start fussing at the same time.  I just need Square Foot Gardening.  I can make it. 

I reach into my pocket for the call number of the book which I looked up online before I left the house.  The call number is at home on my desk.  "The library will be closing in 5 minutes.  Please bring all materials to the check out desk."  I just need Square Foot Gardening.  I see a pod of computers ahead.

I approach the pod, and get lots of glares.  Apparently people who use the library computers have a thing against crazy women with two stinky crying babies followed by a herd of small children.  There was a sign on the computer anyway that said I needed my password and to register for this time slot before I can use it.  Great.  I just need Square Foot Gardening!

"Mom, they said they are closing.  We should leave NOW!"  I just need Square Foot Gardening.  I looked at the shelf, and unfortunately there are about 3.7 million books on gardening, none of them Square Foot Gardening.  Bouncing 2 stinky babies, whispering to my herd to keep quite.  I just need Square Foot Gardening.  I know it's here.  The internet said it was here.  AHA!  On the other side of the aisle, there it is.  I grab the book and begin to herd towards the front desk.  We make it, the babies are calmer, and I have Square Foot Gardening

The lady at the desk looks at me and my herd and says, "Haven't you figured out what causes all this yet?" 

I think next time I'll pay $15 and buy it from Barnes and


  1. Oh. My jaw dropped. I can't believe someone would actually say that.
    What an adventure to the library!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved your telling of it!

  2. You're amazing for sticking it out until you found it. And I totally think you deserve a medal :)

  3. I will sew you a medal. You are amazing!

    And I might have told the friendly librarian to stuff it, so you deserve a medal for just that.

  4. Great story! Sounds like me a few years ago!! I had a woman tell me one time that I should have my husband sleep on the couch. I didn't even have all the kids with me!