Thursday, February 3, 2011

The little ladies (and their dolly daughters) have guests for tea.

The Haws Ladies had a busy day.  They cleaned the house, baked cookies and made tea.  They were expecting company!  The director of a local doll hospital and orphanage (aka Grandma) was coming with one of her orphans for tea.  She was the one from whom they adopted dolls at Christmas just this last year, and they wanted to show their appreciation.

We had a delightful tea party, with Lemon Chamomile Tea, Snickerdoodle pinwheels, and lemon almond biscotti.

Best of all was the company and conversation.

Gotta love little girls!!

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  1. LOVE IT so much! Laurel has to content herself with brothers who throw things and bring Legos to the tea party.
    I really need to get her some more girly friends!